Dr Kiseki CSR Program

As medical costs continue to soar, U C Health Marketing Sdn Bhd remains dedicated to bringing hope and support to those in need. Through our heartfelt CSR initiatives, we offer complimentary therapy sessions at our Experience Centers across Malaysia. Our efforts have touched the lives of over 100,000 individuals in meaningful ways, including:


  • Empowering them to regain their independence by no longer relying on walking aids
  • Soothing their chronic pain and providing much-needed relief
  • Guiding them in managing stress and anxiety through targeted techniques
  • Enhancing their mobility and flexibility with tailored exercises and therapies
  • Offering a compassionate hand during post-surgery recovery
  • Helping them find restful sleep patterns to combat sleep disorders
  • Nurturing mental well-being through mindfulness and relaxation practices
  • Equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge to lead healthy lifestyles


With these empathetic endeavors, we aspire to keep making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most, shining a light on a brighter future for everyone.

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