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U C Health Marketing Sdn Bhd has been an importer, exporter and wholesale supplier for home healthcare equipments since 2006. From histories of importing many home healthcare equipments, thus, we have been working closely with professionals in combining our innovative product. With this, we proudly introduce Dr Kiseki.

With its amazing functions and fast results in promoting better health, it has outshine it’s predecessors. In conclusion, Dr Kiseki has now became our flagship product.

How It Works?

Improve your blood circulation with Dr Kiseki

Feeling tired and lethargic all the time? Have muscle aches and pains? Can’t get rid of constant night time toilet visits?

Well, Dr Kiseki is the solution to your problems!

Dr Kiseki uses electric signals to introduce waves into the body tissues. These waves produced will help to increase blood flow to and from the affected areas. With the Qi and blood circulation improved, energy can flow normally through the meridians and balance your health.

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Dr Kiseki

Muscles Strengthening

Improve Blood Circulation

Improve “Qi” Circulation

For Beauty & Slimming

Help to recover from veins & nerves related diseases

Helps Reproductive Health Issues


We set benchmarks to reach above and beyond being responsible and sustainable company in every role.


We commit to serve our local communities to enhance their well-being for the daily lives. We are focusing to spread across the globe to achieve being a truly global enterprise.

” The numbness and pain has disappeared! ”

Ms. Zhen


Your Health, Our Concern.

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